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    With the data provided, you can start reaching out to the businesses and their founders to close some new clients. 

What data is included?

Company Information

Company name, website, location, number of employees and date founded.

Email Addresses

Contact the decision maker with verified Founder OR CEO email addresses.

Funding Data

If they have been been funded, find out how much they have raised.

LinkedIn Accounts

Personal and company LinkedIn accounts. You'll receive the direct links.

Company Location

Company OR headquarter city, state and country locations.

Twitter Accounts

Founder OR company Twitter usernames if they are publically available.

What do our users say?

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  • "I'm a SaaS consultant so, why wouldn't this list of leads be perfect for me? I've been using BubbleLeads for 3 months now and from that short period of time, I've managed to close 8 new clients and add $2.5K MRR and create a small but consistent waiting list as I'm currently fully booked. Honestly, I can't recommend this service enough, I essentially run my whole business off of it."

  • "Generating leads all the time was a pain in the ass in itself. The fact I can simply signup to BubbleLeads and they just deliver me a bunch of new prospects at the end of the month is so ideal. It's cheap too, a line of "good" data used to cost me $1 so, I'm saving $400+ per list and, within the first 3 months, I've closed over $7,000 in new website security contracts. So, the ROI for me personally is somewhere around 12x."

    Mario Nawfal | Chief Executive Officer at Athena Group of Companies
  • "BubbleLeads makes it easy for us to connect with startups that have big needs and big budgets. As a DMA we have so many opportunities in many different markets that simply can't go unturned. BubbleLeads provides us with a tonne of prospects, with money and the pressure to invest back in themselves -- Which in my opinion, is the perfect prospect for any B2B business."

    Jennifer Baillie | International Sales Director at Purple Llama Marketing

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